Discover Holistic Wellness with Ayurveda

Experience personalized Ayurvedic treatments tailored to your unique mind-body constitution.


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Our personalized consultations allow you to understand your individual constitution and the imbalances that may affect your health.

Discover our Ayurvedic treatments and therapeutic massages to soothe your body and mind.

Our personalized Ayurvedic facial treatments are designed to balance your skin and reveal your natural radiance.

Our holistic detoxification programs are designed to help your body release toxins and regain its natural balance.

Discover the benefits of practicing yoga and meditation to help you find inner peace and mental clarity.


The Ayurvedic philosophy is based on the idea that each individual is unique and should be treated as such. We believe that health is a dynamic state of balance between the body, mind, and environment.

Using holistic treatments, natural products, and Ayurvedic healing techniques, we work with you to restore the natural balance of your body and mind, and to help you achieve optimal well-being.

We are passionate about Ayurveda and committed to helping our patients discover the path to natural healing and full health.

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Gift Cards

Our gift cards are the perfect way to give your loved ones the gift of relaxation and well-being. Choose from a variety of therapeutic treatments, holistic detox programs, and yoga and meditation classes to help your loved ones achieve optimal wellness.

Our gift cards are available in multiple amounts and can be customized to meet the specific needs of your loved ones. Give the gift of natural healing and relaxation with our gift cards.


It all started 5 years ago when I badly needed to reconnect with myself.

I found Dr. Sangeeta and since then Ayurveda is part of my life. Care and advice have helped me a lot and are good for me.

This medicine and Dr. Sangeeta give me positive energy. I am very grateful for all this good that I can only advise.


I have had few different treatments with Dr. Renard and all of them had been excellent.

Her prenatal and post natal massages did really help me with specific pregnancy condition.

Very professional approach, all natural treatments and excellent massages. Also I highly recommend colon cleanse. Looking forward to my next appointment.”


Thank you very much Sangeeta and your team for the quality of the care, for your presence and your listening.

Since the time I was looking for a quality ayurvedic doctor in French-speaking Switzerland and I found you, finally! I even talked about you to my acupuncturist doctor.

I am your advice with joy and I look forward to continuing my care with you.

Aurélie M.

I warmly thank Dr. Sangeeta for her effective and generous application of Ayurveda against my problems of insomnia and other forms of stress.

Ms. Sangeeta knew how to treat me (surprisingly quickly) and give me very good advice.






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