Kansa Reflexology Machine

1,400.00 CHF

The Kansa Reflexology Machine is a state-of-the-art wellness device designed to rejuvenate your body and mind. Expertly crafted, this machine uses the ancient Ayurvedic technique of Kansa massage to stimulate the body’s reflex points, promoting holistic healing. Regular use of this machine aids in reducing oxidative stress, hypertension, and depression. It works by balancing the body’s energy and promoting a sense of well-being. It’s a simple yet powerful tool to incorporate into your daily routine for maintaining optimal health and tranquility.


This product is the first of its kind in India, designed to stimulate the body’s vitality points, known as Marma Points in Ayurveda. It’s highly effective in relieving muscle pain, improving blood circulation, purifying the skin, and providing essential nutrients to the skin. In addition to restoring facial glow, it aids in overall body relaxation​​.

The massager is crafted with 100% pure Kansa, a sacred metal prepared from a special blend of copper and tin. It adheres to Ayurvedic principles, ensuring the methods and tools used are 100% natural and pure. The manufacturing process involves several quality checks to guarantee the purity of the product​​.

It’s designed to be robust and secure, made with durable materials that assure a lifespan of over three years with normal usage. The product is economical, with a commitment to providing cost-effective technology. It’s also user-friendly, requiring minimal effort to operate​.

The Kansa Thali Foot Massager focuses on foot or leg massage, but it also facilitates relaxation and calming of the overall body. It’s popular for relieving muscle tension and boosting blood circulation, working on the principle of acupressure points. It’s available in two variants based on the sitting arrangement​.

The Electric Kansa Foot Massage is a Ayurvedic treatment that targets the marma points on the foot and the lower leg. It alleviates tired, heavy feet and legs and is highly relaxing. It improves circulation and reduces tightness in the foot muscles. A bowl made of zinc, tin, and copper is used to massage the foot and leg, helping draw out impurities and align the body’s energy. Coconut or Sesame oil can be used during the massage.

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