Rose Tea

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In Ayurveda, roses are known to balance Sadhaka Pitta. Sadhaka Pitta is a sub dosha of Pitta and is the caretaker of ones heart and emotions. It is no wonder that roses are associated with love. On the physical side roses cool the body and have a soothing effect on the digestive system. Benefits of rose tea include:

  • – Fights inflammation
  • – Maintains Urinary Tract
  • – Relieves menstrual pains
  • – Eases stress
  • – Uplifts mood
  • – Helps with sleep disorders

How to use

Ayubliss recommends:

  • – Clean the petals thoroughly by placing them under running water.
  • – Boil water and add about 7 buds per cup.
  • – Let this brew for about 5 minutes.
  • – Strain and add a sweetener of your choice.

Note: If adding honey, do not add in boiling hot water as this becomes toxic.

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