Body Treatment



The term Udwarthanam can be split as “Urdhwar” and “Varthanam” which means “upward” and “to move” respectively. Thus it means to massage in an upward movement. It is a special type of Abhyanga in which herbal powders are used for massaging. Massage is done in an upward direction which is opposite from Abhyanga which is done in a downward movement in the direction of the growth of hair. Udwarthanam is used in treating obesity and for weight reduction. In fact Udwarthanam has been included in the ayurvedic daily routine known as “Dinacharya” and can be performed daily with herbal powders. This treatment is recommended for those with obesity, diabetes, lethargy, nervous disorders, problems relating to excessive sleep, skin diseases and those with irregular menstruation. The treatment starts with an oil massage and then the therapist proceeds to massage the body with herbal powders.


  • – Liquifies and mobilises the stagnant fat
  • – Rejuvenates the skin
  • – Alleviates foul smell
  • – Removes dirt and dust
  • – Gives glamour
  • – Cleanses the body
  • – Improves circulation of nutrients in the body

Note: This treatment is not recommended for those with high pitta, redness on the skin and inflammation, burning sensations on the body, pregnant women, people with eczema, infants and people with old age.

Time- 2h

Price- 230 CHF