Body Treatment



Shiroabhyanha comes from the terms “Shiro” meaning head and “abhyanga” meaning massage. Shiroabhyanga consists of giving a head massage with oils. Traditionally in Indian households, massaging with oil on the body, head and feet is practiced daily before shower. Even today many still practice this. Not only does it provide relaxation but prevents the growth of many diseases. Shiroabhyanga is considered part of “Dinacharya” which is the daily ayurvedic routine and the head massage with oil according to ones constitution can be performed everyday by everyone. It treats Vata related disorders and prevents psychosomatic disorders.


  • – Prevents baldness
  • – Prevents premature graying of hair
  • – Prevents hair fall
  • – Prevents headache
  • – It helps to improve the glow and complexion on the face
  • – Relieves stress
  • – Treats psychosomatic illnesses
  • – Stimulates lymphatic circulation in the head
  • – Releases physical and emotional blockages

Time- 30 min

Price- 80 CHF