Body Treatment



Navarakizhi is a sweat inducing massage treatment used to improve muscle strength and to rejuvenate the body. In this treatment milk and rice are mainly used. Rice is boiled in a mixture of milk and decoction and is then tied up in a cloth to make a bolus. The treatment starts with a full body massage with medicated oil. The bolus is then applied all over the body dipped in the milk and decoction mixture. It is recommended to do a series of three treatments continously over three days.


  • – Strengthens the nerves
  • – Relieves athritis
  • – Cures neurological problems
  • – Enhances colour and complexion
  • – Nourishes the tissues
  • – Strengthens muscles
  • – Helps with hemiplegia, facial paralysis and muscular atrophy

Time- 2h

Price- 220 CHF