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Kasa Bowl

Kasa Bowl

It is a traditional Indian technique that children are used to practicing with their parents. It consists of massaging the feet with ghee or oil enriched with Brahmi. Using a bowl made of an alloy of 5 special metals including copper, tin, zinc and bronze. The Kasa bowl is coated in ghee or oil and the foot is massaged in circular motions. As the bowl is made of copper and tin it ensures the eliminations of toxins whilst at the same time invigorating nerve endings and releasing all the negative energy from the body. It aims to treat not only the reflex points of the feet but simultaneously balances the five elements: earth, water, fire, air and ether.


  • – Relieves stress, anxiety, nervousness and insomnia
  • – Heals cracked feet
  • – Improves digestion and eyesight
  • – Improves blood circulation
  • – Ensures sound sleep

Note: This can be performed daily by oneself before going to bed to ensure a sound sleep.

Time- 1h

Price- 130 CHF