Herb of the month

Herb of the month

Wheatgrass powder is a nutritional superfood that contains a variety of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and phytochemicals, rich in chlorophyll to enrich blood and cells with oxygen.It also has antioxidants in concentrated levels allowing easy digestion.In wheat grass despite of wheat grains there is no slime-forming substance such as gluten.

Other nutrients include: Iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamin B1, vitamin E, vitamin C and high protein content and of course essential amino acids that ideally absorbed by the human body. It also contains minerals and substance such as copper, potassium, sodium, selenium, manganese. The best part is that it has live enzymes to perform with conjunction with other enzymes a specific function within the body and improve performance.

The most important effects of the wheatgrass powder on the human body are:

  • – Blood purification,
  • – Hemoglobin production balance,
  • – Liver detoxification,
  • – Colon cleansing,
  • – Improve digestions and immune system.

Wheatgrass helps resolve digestion related problems such as:

  • – Acidity,
  • – Constipation,
  • – Piles,
  • – Colitis,
  • – Ulcers and kidney malfunction.

It has high dietary fiber and thus helps maintain blood sugar level, cholesterol level and prevent constipation.

It is also a perfect skin cleanser and can be poured into bath water for a refreshing soak. In fact one ounce of wheatgrass juice is equivalent in food value to two and half pounds of green leafy vegetables. It can be taken at any time during the year and daily.